Monday, November 17, 2008

Mix # 25

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I found time last Sunday to FINALLY get another mix recorded. There are a lot of songs I love on this one. Not sure it all works together…but at this point I just want something new in my iPod.


1. Crooklyn Clan – It’z Aiight
2. Red Astaire – 2 for the Time
3. The Police – Voices Inside my Head
4. Jumbonics – Last Nite
5. Crooklyn Clan & Count Zombie – Yes we Can
6. Chain Reaction – Dance Freak
7. Buschemi – Feliz Viaje
8. DJ Almost – Beat Heavy
9. Eddy Grant – My Turn to Love You
10. Cmon Baby – Cmon Baby
11. Armand Van Helden – The Funk Phenomena
12. Sylvester – I Need You
13. Grey and Hanks – You Fooled Me
14. Flying Fish – Mr. Matatwe (keep it up)
15. Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I’m a Wonderful Thing, Baby
16. Jocelyn Brown – Somebody Else’s Guy
17. Bumble Bee Unlimited – Everybody Dance
18. Master Jay and Michael Dee – T.S.O.B
19. Plant Life – When She Smiles She Lights the Sky
20. Demacustico – Brazil
21. Defender - Bliss

The top-5 to check are: Chain Reaction, Grey and Hanks, Jocelyn Brown, Kid Creole, and Defender. And, if you haven’t come across Voices Inside my Head by The Police, you must check that as well. Here is some video enrichment...

The Police - Voices Inside my Head

Jocelyn Brown in full effect!

And Kid Creole. This was my tune for summer 2008!

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